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Brazilian Hair Straightening

Is your hair frizzy? Damaged and prone to even more breakage? Does it take an age to style? Unmanageable, unruly and simply unlikeable?

The answer: Brazilian hair straightening.Generically, also known as the iStraight Keratin Treatment, this is the ultimate in-salon hair smoothing treatment, perfect for anyone who is used to spending hours at a time getting straight hair. 

innosys Advanced Keratin by innosys

What is a Brazilian Keratin Treatment?
Called the “escova progresiva” (or progressive blowdry) in Brazil, the legendary transformative powers of the Brazilian Hair Straightening have now been encompassed into the iStraight Keratin Treatment. Brazilian straightening treatments are a method of temporarily eradicating curls, frizz and kinks for a fully straight, smooth and silky mane. The treatment usually involves three major ingredients – a chemical like formaldehyde, hair conditioners and, of course, keratin. Keratin is a strong protein which is fundamental in the building and growth of hair, skin and nails. Having a thicker layer of keratin means hair is more protected, as it is kept moisturized and away from damage.

innosys iStraight Keratin - advanced Keratin
The iStraight Keratin Treatment
There has been controversy around certain Brazilian keratin treatments, due to the use of the chemical formaldehyde. However, the iStraight system is different. Our all-natural, formaldehyde-free formula does the opposite of causing damage – it works to repair it. The simple in-salon process is as follows: hair is washed with a clarifying shampoo, hair is blowdried, the iStraight Keratin (aka Advanced Keratin) treatment is applied and left to penetrate and finally, hair is flat-ironed to seal the treatment in and repair any damaged cuticles. Depending on style and length, the process typically takes around two hours.

How long does Brazilian hair straightening last?
Brazilian Hair StraighteningThis system isn’t called “revolutionary” for no reason: the iStraight Keratin treatment by innosys lasts for an amazing twelve weeks. That’s twelve weeks of healthy, super-straight, hydrated hair, without having to worry about how to style or straighten it yourself. The results truly do speak for themselves.

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