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  • iKeratin Advanced

    Product Code: iKeratin
    Size: 473mL / 16 fl.oz.

    Advanced Keratin Formula Treatment.

  • iKeratin (Diamond)

    Product Code: Diamond iKeratin
    Size: 473mL / 16 oz.

  • Max-iStraight-System

    Max #1

    Product Code: iStraight Max #1
    Size: 400mL / 13.5 fl.oz.

    For virgin, stubborn, resistant, and/or healthy hair types.

  • Normal #1

    Product Code: iStraight Normal #1
    Size: 400mL / 13.5 fl.oz.

    iStraight Normal is formulated to be used on hair that has color, tint or any types of light chemical damage. Normal has less Ammonium Thioglycolate and more conditioning ingredients to be gentler on the hair.

  • Mild #1

    Product Code: iStraight Mild #1
    Size: 400mL / 13.5 fl.oz.

    For highlighted or bleached hair. (Bleached areas, porous ends or heavily damaged hair types.)

  • Neutralizer #2

    Product Code: iStraight Neutralizer Step #2
    Size: 400mL / 13.5 fl.oz.

    For all hair types.

  • B3 Hair Treatment (Professional)

    Product Code: Reaction Treatment B3 (Professional Size)
    Size: 400mL / 13.5 fl.oz.

    A deep-conditioning treatment made with natural extracts to internally and externally nourish the hair with vital nutrients and proteins. It’s used as a pre-, mid-, and post treatment steps in the iStraight System to moisturize and prolong the soft, shiny, silky, and beautiful results. Retail size available for after-care treatment following the iStraight System service.

  • Pure Keratin

    Product Code: Pure Keratin
    Size: 240mL / 8.1 fl.oz.

    Pure Keratin is comprised of keratin and collagen to revitalize both internal and external areas of the hair, thus giving elasticity and volume. Two types of ions help create an ionic bonding system which calms the cuticles down so that porosity can be equalized. Six different amino acids help to replenish and rebuild the hair’s lost proteins. The Pure Keratin is sprayed on the areas of hair that are damaged (dry, tinted, colored, highlighted, bleached, pre-relaxed, and even sun damaged) to protect the hair before solution #1 is applied.

  • Ceramide Serum

    Product Code: Ceramide Serum
    Size: 240mL / 8.1 fl.oz.

    Ceramide Serum is formulated to help strengthen the protein links and reconstruct the damaged areas while preventing further damage from the heat of the flat iron. Ceramide Serum is used to fortify the cuticles and restore the natural minerals and oils within the cortex to keep the hair healthy. The main active ingredients are keratin and ceramide, which are heat activated to lock in moisture when ironing the hair. In addition, 11 natural oils and extracts treat and coat the hair just before the ironing step of the iStraight System to provide optimal protection from the high heat of the flat iron. Ceramide Serum can also be used as a regular heat protectant when styling with a curling iron or a flat iron.

  • Clarifying Shampoo


    Product Code: Clarifying Shampoo
    Size: 1000mL / 33 fl.oz.

    A Pre-Treatment Shampoo designed to cleanse the hair and scalp of excess sebum and styling/leave-in product residue and buildup. Aloe juice for added moisture, argan, tea tree and linseed oils for shine, softness and protection.

  • Sale! 1.5-inch-CROC-Masters-Flat-Iron-for-Japanese-Straighening-and-Keratin-Smoothing

    CROC Masters Flat Iron

    • SECRET BLACK (PICO TITANIUM) PLATES – Offers Anti-stick, Anti-Static, Anti-Damage smooth one-pass glide for all hair types.
    • ‌Produces negative ions, sealing cuticles, increasing shine.
    • ‌The ventilation system releases excess high heat, preventing internal and physical damage.
    • ‌Built-in ceramic heaters enable instant heat recovery, providing consistent heat during use.
    • Fully digital temperature settings [280F° – 450F°]
    • ‌Dual voltage capabilities [110V – 240V]
    • Built-in, automatic shut-off, safety feature after 30 minutes of non-use. ‌
    • Convenient 9-foot swivel cord for easy use and adaptability. ‌
    • Deluxe thumb grip, ergonomic design makes styling more comfortable.
    • 5-year warranty (must fill out the extended warranty paperwork).

  • Sale!

    B3 Hair Treatment (Retail)


    Product Code: B3 Hair Treatment (B3 Reaction Treatment)
    Size: 220mL / 7.4 fl.oz.

  • Sale!

    Pure Essence Oil


    Product Code: Pure Essence Serum
    Size: 50mL / 1.69 fl.oz.

    Key natural oil ingredients: Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, and Rice Oil.

  • Hydration Shampoo


    Product Code: Hydration Shampoo
    Size: 473mL / 16 fl.oz.

    A low-pH, daily-use Nature Hydration Shampoo formulated with essential oils and natural extracts to help rejuvenate and instantly moisturize all types of hair without stripping away nutrients or causing damage or dryness to post iStraight hair.

  • Hydration Conditioner


    Product Code: Hydration Conditioner
    Size: 473mL / 16 fl.oz.

    Daily-use conditioner formulated with 10 natural extracts (including Argan Oil) to help nourish and instantly moisturize hair — perfect for after chemical services (e.g. colors, iStraight).

  • Kera Shampoo


    Product Code: Kera Shampoo
    Size: 473mL / 16 fl.oz.

    Kera Shampoo is Sodium-Chloride free. Along with the Kera Conditioner are essential and necessary after-care products.