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iStraight Keratin Steps

iStraight Keratin Steps What to expect when you receive the iStraight Keratin Smoothing Treatment? Shampoo with innosys Clarifying Shampoo 2 to 3 times and rinse thoroughly. Option: For straighter results against strong curls and resistant hair types, innosys Power Boost can be used as a cuticle opener before applying iStraight Keratin. Simply spray innosys Power Boost…

Brazilian Hair Straightening
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Brazilian Hair Straightening

Is your hair frizzy? Damaged and prone to even more breakage? Does it take an age to style? Unmanageable, unruly and simply unlikeable? The answer: Brazilian hair straightening.Generically, also known as the iStraight Keratin Treatment, this is the ultimate in-salon hair smoothing treatment, perfect for anyone who is used to spending hours at a time getting…