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The Answer for Healthy, Permanent Hair Straightening – The iStraight System

iStraight permanent straightening hair treatmenti-Straight System for Healthy-Permanent Hair Straightening

Everyone wants gorgeous, sleek-looking hair all the time, but the reality is simply that it is both expensive and time-consuming as a do-it-yourself beauty regime. Straightening hair with a flat iron often fries the ends of hair follicles, damaging tips and decreasing shine. The process of daily hair straightening can even take up to an hour from your morning routine. An hour of wasted time when the results are mediocre or short-lived. Additionally, accessory products such as heat protection sprays and after-straightening hair mousse are required to hold the newly straightened follicles in place. These products combined with heat styling are only effective for less than a day, proving to be a waste of both time and money. So, the question truly is, why isn’t there a better solution?

4e3362_78ed584ca3f14dc89aeecb64b42c6fe4There is. And it’s called  the iStraight system treatment. The main benefits of the i-Straight System (aka Japanese Hair Straightening) are that it is a very cost-effective treatment and a brilliant professional solution to hair straightening that can produce healthier looking locks.

The i-Straight System by innosys is a permanent hair straightener (Magic Straight). Unlike its competitors, i-Straight does not contain the damaging Formaldehyde and instead gives hair a glossy, healthy looking straightness, with an added conditioning effect. With three solutions of strengths (Max, Normal and Mild); the innosys i-Straight System is customizable to your hair care needs, so your expert hair stylist can give you a sleek look with volume, repair and much more.

Innosys iStraight is so effective that it only requires application to new hair growth; and since the average hair growth rate of 6 inches per year, clients may not need touch up for 6 months. Talk about time saving!

If healthy shiny hair with straight and smooth locks is what you’re looking for, check out the iStraight Keratin (also known as the Advanced Keratin) treatment which straightens hair & repairs damaged cuticles. With an entire range of affordable, time-saving, straightening products, the i-Straight System and other professional straightening treatments are the number one straightening treatments for many high-end salons in the USA local market and some international markets as well. Get yours today and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

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