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What is Japanese Thermal Hair Straightening?

Japanese Thermal Hair Straightening: The Basics

Japanese thermal hair straightening can go by many names: thermal reconditioning, permanent hair straightening and Magic straightening, to name a few. It is the process by which the iStraight system is based upon, whereby hair is permanently straightened and remains so until new growth occurs at the roots. The final result is hair that is sleek, shiny and pin-straight for days, weeks, and months on end.


What happens during the process?

The Japanese thermal hair straightening process follows a number of essential steps. Firstly, hair is coated in-salon with a solution used to break the bonds of structure within each strand of hair. This then allows the hair to be re-bonded at a later stage. Then, hair is rinsed using a clarifying shampoo, blow-dried and straightened using a flat iron. After this, a neutraliser solution is applied, which is what transforms hair into its new perfectly straight shape. The process is done in a salon, by an expert stylist.

Is my hair suitable for Japanese Thermal Hair Straightening?

The short answer is: yes. Any hair type, wavy or straight, coloured or natural, is a good candidate for thermal reconditioning. Of course, the strength of the solution used will differ depending on your hair type, but results will be the same regardless – improving manageability, promoting shine and getting long-term straight hair.

What makes the iStraight System unique?

Unlike other methods of permanent hair straightening, the iStraight system uses a formaldehyde-free formula, based on natural, moisturising ingredients. This means that hair is protected from the outset, and the condition of hair strands greatly improve after just one treatment.

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If you are interested in Japanese Thermal hair straightening, Contact iStraight today or phone (708) 586-8080 to receive the iStraight system in your salon.

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