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Thermal Reconditioning Straightening Kit

Thermal Reconditioning Straightening Kit

There are very few things that are always in fashion, and glossy, long, straight hair is one of them. Throughout history, women have liked straight hair because it makes them look slimmer, more stylish and more polished. Their hair looks more shiny, healthy and smooth. And, of course, sleek hair is so much more manageable than frizzy, curly hair.

Japanese Thermal Straightening
iStraight System by innosys

When getting this look, there are many hair straightening solutions on the market. Home based methods such as flat ironing and dangerous chemical treatments can cause unnecessary damage to your hair and in many cases permanent damage. It is always advisable, especially for those women who have very curly or unmanageable hair, to go to a professional salon when getting their hair straightened. Salons carry good quality hair straightening kits and have professionals that can consult with the client and advise them on the best straightening method that make sense based on hair type, client desire, time, and cost (affordability) of the desired straightening treatmen – of which the iStraight system by innosys is one.

Depending on the type of hair you have, there are a few iStraight kits that can be purchased by a professional (hair stylists) for their clients.  For healthy hair, the innosys i-Straight System (also known as Permanent Japanese Hair Straightening or Japanese Perm) works best and gives pin-straight hair results in most cases.

Clients with damaged or unruly dry hair can try out the Reaction Treatment, which along with hair straightening, revitalizes and replenishes proteins and oils in the hair. Finally, Advanced Keratin (ie, iStraight Keratin) treatment is a godsend for women with heavily damaged hair. It repairs damaged cuticles in less than two hours and gives amazing straight hair that lasts for up to 3 months – one of the best long term investments for your hair.

For a great experience without any risk of hair damage, visit your nearest salon and ask them if they carry the innosys iStraight System professional Hair treatment line.

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