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What’s New for innosys 2016?

What’s new for Innosys 2016Innosys iStraight Keratin Cysteine Smoothing

Innosys Beauty Care (IBS) has launched two NEW iStraight Keratin treatment lines. So, now iStraight Keratin comes in three different strengths:

  1. iStraight Keratin – Original revolutionary formula – hair smoothing treatment.
  2. iStraight Keratin Cysteine Smoothing Treatment – INNOSYS safer alternative to traditional Brazilian keratin treatments (New 2016).
  3. iStraight Keratin Diamond Treatment – INNOSYS strongest formula for maximum smoothing (New 2016).
  4. Kera Pack Deep Treatment Mask (after-care)
  5. Kera Fusion Smooth & Shine Mist: iStraight Keratin (after-care).



To purchase the iStraight Keratin Cysteine Smoothing, Kera Pack Deep Treatment Mask, Kera Fusion Smooth & Shine Mist, contact us.

iStraight Hair, Inc Tel:  708-586-8080

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  1. I live in michigan. I was wondering where I can go for training to get certified? Thank you

    1. Hi Monica. I assume you are a hair stylist (with an active cosmetology license), so if that’s the case your choices for getting the iStraight System training class & certification is to come to Chicago. The other two choices are to go to New York or Los Angles. Contact us and we can give you more details and help you enroll in upcoming classes or for one-to-one hands-on training for the iStraight System (innosys permanent thermal straightening). Thank you

      iStraight Hair, Inc
      Chicago (The Midwest innosys Distributor & an international educator)
      Tel: 708-586-8080

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