B3 Reaction Treatment by innosys
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Post-care Products for the iStraight System

Post-care for iStraight System 

innosys B3 Reaction Treatment iStraight System post-care
innosys B3 Reaction Treatment iStraight System post-care

After you have gotten your iStraight treatment, you may be wondering how to ensure the flawless results last as long as possible. But don’t worry – we have got you covered, with our comprehensive guide of post-treatment products to help maintain the results of your treatment for as long as possible.

Reaction b3 treatmentReaction B-3 Treatment


Reaction B3 Treatment by innosys is a supplementary hair care treatment made with natural extracts to internally and externally nourish the hair with vital nutrients and proteins. It seeps deep into the hair shaft to immediately volumize, condition, protect, and shine dull strands. Read more about the many advantages of this after-care product on our supplementary B3 Reaction Treatment blog post.







Pure Essence Oil by innosys
Pure Essence Oil by innosys

Pure Essence Oil

Pure Essence Oil by innosys is blended with Argan oil, Melaleuca, and Omega-3 oils to provide instant absorption and shine. Pure Essence Oil (Update: Now known as the i-essence oil as of 2015) creates vibrant shine and manageability while providing essential nutrients to nourish straightened hair. This exotic blend of rich oils delivers immediate results for dry, chemically processed, or lifeless hair.

Both of these items (B3 Reaction Treatment and Pure Essence Oil) provide the perfect after-care treatment following i-Straight straightening treatment. Stylists & clients alike love them because they lock moisture and keep hair conditioned, so hair is not brittle the next time the client comes for a touch-up.


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