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After-Care of iStraight System (What they are & How to Use)

iStraight System after-care

iStraight After-care products


After receiving your iStraight treatment and getting the smooth hair you always longed for, it is important to prolong the effects of the process by properly nurturing your hair and keeping it in the best possible condition. The better the after-care, the longer your hair will retain the hydration, silkiness and straightness from your iStraight treatment (ie, Permanent Thermal Reconditioning & Rebonding). Not only that, but well-maintained hair also means that your next iStraight treatment will be easier and quicker for the stylist to perform, too. So, how can you get the most out of your freshly-straightened locks? The answer is the following 4 iStraight System post-care products.


iStraight Hydration Nature Shampoo

Hydration Nature Shampoo

This all-natural shampoo is the only shampoo your hair needs to be washed with after any chemical treatment, especially the iStraight System thermal reconditioning process. This innovative shampoo is one of the purest things you can wash your hair with; being free of all hair-damaging chemicals, such as sulfate, paraben and sodium chloride. Another benefit of the Hydration Nature Shampoo that makes it so ideal as a post-treatment after-care shampoo is the low pH level, which matches the pH naturally found in the human body, meaning (unlike traditional shampoos) hair cuticles remain sealed and lock in the hair’s natural oils. Wash your hair with a product that gently cleanses away product-build up, residue and dirt, whilst retaining moisture and elasticity.



Hydration Nature Conditioner

Hydration Nature Conditioner

Pair the innosys Hydration Nature Shampoo with the Hydration Nature conditioner for the most natural yet effective after-care hair cleansing combination. This conditioner is organic and pure enough to use everyday, in order to keep hair moisturised, straight and shiny. Quench your hair’s thirst for moisture with the hydrating essential oils of the Hydration Nature Conditioner, and prolong the effects of your iStraight system treatment even more.




Reaction Treatment B3Reaction treatment B3 innosys After-care

Reaction Treatment B3 is a fortifying, intensive repair mask, ideal for use as a frizz-fighting deep conditioning treatment. The natural extracts found in Reaction Treatment B3 penetrate deep into the hair shaft to nourish and protect chemically treated strands, preventing future damage and repairing damage caused by heat styling, chemicals or over-exposure to harsh environmental conditions. Apply to hair as a leave-in masque and wash off for beautifully hydrated and smooth locks.




Pure Essence Oil Pure Essence Oil innosys

Crafted from a careful blend of argan oil, melaleuca oil and Omega-3 oils, our Pure Essence Oil is the only go-to hair oil you need. The combination of nourishing oil has been specifically selected to ensure our lightweight formula delivers manageability, shine and a silky touch to even the most unruly of hair, all with a non-greasy finish. Apply this exotic oil blend to wet hair before blowdrying  and after styling to mimic the ultra-smooth effects of the iStraight system. Rest assured that the innosys Pure Essence Oil is completely natural and made with the purest of ingredients, repairing your hair whilst transforming it into sophisticated sleekness.



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