Hydration Nature shampoo and conditioner
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Discover our Exclusive New Hydrating, All-Natural Post-care Shampoo & Conditioner for iStraight System

Hydration Shampoo & Hydration Conditioner by innosys
Hydration Shampoo & Hydration Conditioner

Innosys Hydration Nature Shampoo & Conditioner – New Post-care for iStraight System

As if your hair didn’t already have enough to thank the iStraight system for, we have now launched a brand NEW post-care Hydration Nature Shampoo and Hydration Nature Conditioner by innosys for the i-Straight System (AKA the  one and only Thermal Reconditioning & Permanent Japanese Straightening System). This is clearly very exciting news, as proven by the ever-growing amount of pre-orders we have for both Hydration Nature products. We can sense your eagerness to learn even more about these all-natural hair saviours, so we have included full descriptions on just what exactly it is that makes the shampoo and conditioner your hair’s new favourite post-treatment products.

iStraight Nature Hydration Post-Treatment Shampoo

Innosys Hydration Nature Shampoo:
This shampoo is formulated with essential oils and natural extracts, making it ideal for daily use, to help rejuvenate and instantly moisturize all types of hair without stripping away nutrients or natural oils. The all-natural ingredients also prevent causing any damage. Use as a post care product as part of the i-Straight System after your salon-based treatment.

iStraight Hydration Nature conditioner

Innosys Hydration Nature Conditioner:
Our brand new conditioner perfectly complements the Hydration Nature Shampoo. Formulated with 10 different natural extracts, including argon oil, this conditioner does everything to help nourish and instantly moisturize hair after any chemical treatment, making it the best choice to use as post care for the iStraight System.

Find out more about the iStraight system and get your Hydration Nature shampoo and conditioner today to retail to your clients or include as part of the service maintenance after-care kit.

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