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Innosys Introduces Two New iStraight Keratin

Innosys Introduces Two New iStraight Keratin

Two NEW iStraight Keratin treatment lines were introduced in February 2016.


So, now iStraight Keratin comes in three different strengths:

  1. Cysteine Keratin (zero formaldehyde).

  2. Diamond Keratin – innosys strongest formula (equivalent to Brazilian Keratin).

    iStraight-Keratin---Original, -Cysteine,-Diamond-by-innosys


    iStraight Keratin Steps to be performed by your hair stylist:


    Stylist will assess the hair type and condition. This is an important step for stylist and the client to discuss the history of the hair. If you have had any chemical processes on the hair such as Color, Highlight, Bleach, Perms, Henna, Relaxer, Brazilian Keratin treatment, etc., you should let your stylist know to assess and assist in choosing the correct process for your hair type.

    2: SHAMPOO & DRY
    Stylist will shampoo your hair with Innosys Clarifying Shampoo 2 to 3 times to remove any excess build-up from styling products and to prepare your hair for the application of the iStraight Keratin. After towel drying, the hair will be blow-dried 50% to 70%.

    Stylist will section the hair into 4 parts, shake the Keratin bottle well before each use & apply with gloves, and then apply the iStraight Keratin in 1/4 to 1/2 inch sections throughout, depending on your condition, porosity, and density of the hair. Don’t touch the scalp. Stylist will then brush the sections repeatedly to saturate all strands and remove any excess treatment. Stylist will leave the iStraight Keratin for a few minutes to allow the treatment to penetrate into the hair.

    General rules:
    For Virgin/Healthy hair with very tight curls (only), stylist may spray the innosys PowerBoost throughout the hair or just on the nape, let it sit for 5-10 minutes, rinse hair well. This will help open the cuticles further for a better Keratin penetration (next step).

    Once stylist applies the iStraight Keratin, process hair for 10 to 20 minutes. (10 minutes for bleach/highlighted hair or damaged and up to 20 minutes for healthy or virgin. Stylist use his/her judgement & professional experience.

    This part of the process will be the longest, as your hair will have to be 100% dry. Stylist will proceed to iron the hair using a professional grade flat iron. Depending on the condition of your hair and the hair type, the temperature setting can range from 380° to 450°F. Its important to use a professional flat-iron that reaches the correct temperature (per iStraight System tech manual) and distribute the heat evenly while not tugging or pulling the hair. For more info, if you need to purchase a certified flat iron for the iStraight Keratin and the iStraight System, give us a call.
    Once the ironing is complete, you are done! Remember to keep your hair dry for 24 to 48 hours to ensure long lasting results.
    Its also highly encouraged to use the after-care Kera Shampoo and Kera Conditioner to extend the smoothing effect and help your clients maintain smooth,Kera Pack Deep Treatment Mask & Kera Fusion Smooth & Shine Mist beautiful, and healthy
    hair until the next iStraight Keratin Treatment. iStraight Keratin demo video


    To purchase Cysteine Keratin Smoothing, Diamond Keratin, the NEW 2016 Keratin post-care (Kera Pack Deep/Treatment Mask, Kera Fusion Smooth/Shine Mist), or a Certified professional flat iron suitable for all iStraight System and iStraight Keratin treatments, contact us.

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