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iStraight Keratin Frequently Asked Questions

iStraight Keratin Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is iStraight Keratin?

A: iStraight Keratin is an advanced keratin treatment (professional salon service) that reduces curls, smooths out waves, and helps eliminate frizz. Because it is a treatment, iStraight Keratin is safe to use on all types of hair and actually more effective on hair that has color, highlights, bleach, and even relaxers. This is not a permanent straightening and the client has the choice of going back to their natural hair once the treatment wears off in 3 months.

Q: What type of maintenance is necessary for this service?innosys iStraight Keratin

A: Immediately after the service, keep hair dry for 24 hours to ensure long smooth lasting results. We highly recommend using our specially formulated, sodium chloride free, Kera Shampoo and Kera Conditioner to maintain the smooth, shiny and silky effects of the iStraight Keratin. For an added shine and protection, we recommend the Pure Essence Oil.

Q: What kind of hair is suitable for iStraight Keratin?

A: iStraight Keratin is most effective on hair types that have previously had a chemical service on the hair. The higher the damage, the more effective the treatment will be. For Virgin hair, and for those who want straighter hair (ie, bone straight if so desired), we recommend the iStraight System (Permanent Thermal Straightening) or the iStraight Hybrid (combination of iStraight System and iStraight Keratin).

Q: Will my hair be flat after I receive iStraight Keratin?

A: No, your hair will maintain its natural volume and bounce. Clients who have no natural volume will gain volume and strength to the hair after the iStraight Keratin service.

Q: Can you color the hair the same day you receive iStraight Keratin?

A: Yes, however, you must color the hair prior to using iStraight Keratin. This will help seal in the color and prevent fading. If you wish to get a color service at a later date, we advise you to wait 2 weeks.

Q: Are there any new edition of iStraight Keratin available?

A: Yes, besides the iStraight Keratin (Original Advanced Formula – the most popular innosys keratin smoothing brand since 2009)  – two new iStraight Keratin were added in 2016 to the innosys keratin smoothing lines.

  • Cysteine Keratin – formaldehyde-free for clients or stylists who are sensitive to formaldehyde.
  • Diamond Keratin – our strongest keratin formula for clients with extra resistant hair types. Diamond iStraight Keratin is equivalent to the Brazilian keratin and will last for 4-5 months – with the proper aftercare maintenance.  Stylists, check out the step by step demo video on the Diamond Keratin.

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  1. Hello-
    I am not a stylist, but was planning to purchase this and have my stylist do it for me. Is it possible to purchase this product.

    1. Thank you for the question dear Rekha, we ONLY sell our professional innosys treatments lines to hair certified stylists, to make sure that they don’t get misused one way or another, so you can have your favorite salon’s stylist reach out to us for further info and/or to purchase the iStraight Keratin or iStraight System kit. If you still have other questions, please give us a call.


      iStraightHair, Inc
      Sales & Support
      Tel: 708-586-8080
      Hours: Mon-Fri 9 am to 5 pm CST

  2. Hi can I order the I straight keratin online bcs I live in Canada or do u have the products in Canada

    1. Hi there.
      You can purchase iStraight Keratin in Canada. Please contact either distributor

      Vancouver Canada:
      IBS Beauty Canada
      Tel: 778-888-0122


      Ontario Canada:
      Tel: 905-670-1040

    1. Most keratin brands out there have formaldehyde; we distribute two strengths that have a low percentage of formaldehyde (iKeratin Original Formula & Diamond Keratin), and one that is formaldehyde-free (Cyeseine based).

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