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6 Natural Oils & Their Benefits as Found in The iStraight System

 Natural Oil Benefits in iStraight System

iStraight System Kit by innosys IBS Beauty
i-Straight System

A Quick Guide to Natural Oil Benefits and the i-Straight System

Your favorite innosys hair straightening treatments are typically performed in salons and the side item products contain 6 nourishing and natural oils that offer a variety of health benefits. But what do these oils actually do for your hair during the i-Straight system straightening process? Let us clear up the mystery with this quick guide on the benefits of various iStraight System side item ingredients.

Grapeseed oil found in the iStraight systemGrape Seed Oil

This revolutionary oil is an excellent product for moisturizing your dry and tired locks, because it is bursting with omega-6 fatty acid linoleic acid. Because grapeseed oil contains around 70% of linoleic acid, rest assured that the iStraight System protects against moisture loss in every way possible. Revamp your look with Grape Seed Oil and instantly see improvement for dry, itchy scalps.

Soybean Extract

Soy Bean Extracts

The inclusion of this special extract in the iStraght system delivers a blast of protein to your hair, leaving stronger strands and promoting healthier, fuller hair growth for the future. This ingredient is also a terrific moisturizer.

Avocado oil is one of the most nourishing oils for hairAvocado Oil

Perhaps one of the most widely acclaimed natural hair oils, avocado oil is made purely from the super food that gives it its name. This cold-pressed oil contains high levels of antioxidants such as Vitamin E and fatty acids. As well as that, the oil is, quite literally, dripping with minerals, vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids and amino acids, making it a key promoter of hair growth too.

Argan oilArgan Oil

While it’s not possible to turn back the clock, our products that feature Argan Oil benefit from its natural anti-aging properties. Also, the sleek and silky lustre your hair will receive after an iStraight treatment are, in part, due to the hydrating and frizz-taming properties of this Moroccan-originated wonder oil.

Omega 3 Oil Benefits

Omega-3 Oil

This incredible supplement and iStraight System product ingredient provides an easy solution to dry, brittle hair. Its rejuvenating effects will seal moisture into hair follicles, soothe everyday scalp irritation, and produce shinier locks with continued use; making it a key oil in all-round hair health.

Melaleuca oil benefits

Melaleuca Oil

Despite its unusual name, the melaleuca oil has countless advantages for healthy hair and gives serious results. Derived from a flowering Australian shrub, melaleuca oil is produced from flowers which are used to create this powerful oil. It can be used to strengthen weak hair strands, reduce dandruff, and increase shine all at once.

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