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Why Chemically Straightening & Smoothing Your Clients Hair Matters?

For those clients of yours that are considering such processes as permanent chemical straightening, temporary chemical straightening, or smoothing their hair here are several good reasons as to why this is such a life-changing service. And this applies to men as well as women, depending on their haircut.

The products used are as follows:

  • Permanent straightening- iStraight System (Permanent – but hair growth will need to be re-treated – every 6 months).
  • Temporary straightening- Advanced iStraight Keratin Treatment (3-4 months) or the Diamond iStraight KeratiniStraight Keratin - iStraight System - innosys (3-4 months).
  • Smoothing- Cysteine iStraight Keratin Smoothing Treatment (2-3 months).

For Those That Desire Straight Hair

In the case of curly or frizzy hair and for those who desire a permanent or temporary solution these processes will not only save them a lot of precious time, but their results will be shinier and more beautiful than just blow-drying and ironing. I think once a client tries it; there is no going back to how things were before.

For your male clients, there are many hairstyles where the hair is longer on top and shaved or nearly shaved (or both) on the sides. If the hair is wavy or curly, this style will be impossible. Now you can offer your male clients a way to try new hairstyles.

For Those That Love Curls or Waves but Instead Have Frizz

Smoothing is perfect for those clients who thought they had to either wear their hair straight (by blow-drying and ironing or a chemical process) or frizzy. With smoothing, they can retain their curls or waves, but they will be shiny and well-formed and free from fizziness. I bet they never dreamed that was possible but it is! Curls can even be transformed into waves if they so desire. Everything is possible with the large variety of products we have to offer.

I think once a client finally gets the hair they always dreamed of but did not think possible they will never go back to natural again.  What a gratifying service to offer. Makings one’s hair dreams come true!

Straight Hair, Inc
Chicago, USA

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  1. If I use I Staight permanent straightener can i use the hybrid before it all grows out. The permanent one last time didn’t last as long as usual but im not ready to do that again yet. Can I use hubrid in between treatments?

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