UVC Disinfecting and Drying Storage Case for Makeup Brushes & Salon Tools

UVC Disinfecting and Drying Storage Case for Makeup Brushes & Salon Tools

UV Device for Makeup Brushes and Beauty Salon Tools

Illumicide Surface Disinfection – by SterileLight

Illumicide Disinfecting & Drying for Makeup Brushes. A new professional strength UV-C disinfection sterilizer device based on patented, state-of-the-art technology that kills 99.9% of bacteria – and has a built-in Dryer for makeup brushes and salon beauty tools.

3-minute UV-C Disinfection Device & storage case for

    • Makeup Brushes and Makeup Sponges.
    • Makeup Palette, Pencils, and Lipstick.
    • Hairbrushes and Combs.
    • Hair Clippers, Razors, and Scissors.
    • Lash Extension and Tweezers.
  • Has undergone extensive laboratory testing to ensure their efficacy in challenging environments so that you can be certain you’re implementing a solution that will significantly reduce your or your client’s risk of any infection.
  • Perform an effective disinfection cycle in 3 minutes, compared to weaker, less effective devices that require far longer cycle times with far less efficacy.

UV Device for makeup brushes, scissors and beauty salon tools













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  1. JR says:

    Will this kill Covid19 and fully sterilize for viruses?

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