Taking Care of Your Beautiful Straight Hair

Taking Care of Your Beautiful Straight Hair

Innosys Hydration Nature Shampoo and Hydration Nature Conditioner

Post-care for Japanese Thermal Hair Straightening

Having beautiful straight hair is such a luxury, but the aftercare is imperative to maintain it. You want to take great care of what you invested in, so we have created a line of professional aftercare products made especially for our iStraight hair straightening treatments that you are going to love.

Taking good care of your chemically altered hair at home ensures that you will look perfect in between treatments and that your results will be even more pleasing because the stylist is working on well cared for hair. The system is called Reaction Treatment, and the primary products consist of the following. Look out for our next article, which will cover two, additional aftercare products:

Hydration Nature Shampoo, by innosys, which can be used daily and is for all hair types. The ingredients are all-natural and pamper your hair with ultra hydration and hyper restoration using proteins and oils.

Hydration Nature Conditioner, by innosys, which can be used daily and is for all hair types. More than just a conditioner, it’s a hair mask filled with wonderfully fragrant essential oils and extracts which will give you exactly what you want. Moisturized, beautiful, soft, and well-protected hair.

• Clarifying Shampoo, by innosys, which is created to gently cleanse the hair and scalp of excess sebum and hair styling products that coat the hair leaving it dull and heavy. If your hair has too much product build-up or sebum, then your straitening procedure solutions will not process the hair consistently. It is essential to use this product before all iStraight System straightening services because it opens the cuticles with its high pH leaving it sparkling clean thus preparing the hair for a perfect treatment.

PS, none of the iStraight hair straightening or aftercare products are tested on animals. Our whole line of products is cruelty-free.


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