Kera Conditioner - Post-care for the iKeratin
Hydration Conditioner


Hydration Conditioner


Product Code: Hydration Conditioner
Size: 473mL / 16 fl.oz.

Daily-use conditioner formulated with 10 natural extracts (including Argan Oil) to help nourish and instantly moisturize hair — perfect for after chemical services (e.g. colors, iStraight).

Hydration Conditioner is better than many treatment masks out there! Essential oils and extracts to moisturize, treat, and protect hair for maintaining the straight, shiny, silky and beautiful results of the iStraight System. 10 natural oils / extracts and 6 amino acids, in a low pH, luxuriously thick cream, that is paraben-free and sodium chloride-free. Perfect for after-care following the iStraight System or any other chemical services.

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