B3 Hair Treatment (Professional)

Product Code: Reaction Treatment B3 (Professional Size)
Size: 400mL / 13.5 fl.oz.

A deep-conditioning treatment made with natural extracts to internally and externally nourish the hair with vital nutrients and proteins. It’s used as a pre-, mid-, and post treatment steps in the iStraight System to moisturize and prolong the soft, shiny, silky, and beautiful results. Retail size available for after-care treatment following the iStraight System service.

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B3 Reaction Treatment ( Professional – back bar), by Innosys, is used in the straightening process as a protectant and also as a conditioning rinse. Similar to Pure Keratin, B3 is used to protect highly porous areas of the hair, such as highlighted, bleached, or extremely porous ends. If the hair has any of the aforementioned areas, the Pure Keratin is sprayed on those areas first, and then B3 is lightly applied to slow down processing to match the timing between healthy and porous areas. As a conditioning rinse, B3 is applied after neutralization for 2 to 3 minutes then rinsed off. This will aid in the closing of the cuticles and locking in the permanent straightening.