MOAC Mask, MOAC Curl Vitalizer, MOAC Detangler

MoAC Mask, Curl Vitalizer, and Detangler Trio (Trio)

Melaleuca, Omega-3, Argan oil, and Camellia (MoAC) plus soybean and mineral oils will replenish, protect, and nourish while restoring shine, softness, and youth back to your hair. Melaleuca oil: Essential oil gently soothes, safely penetrates, helps dissolve dirt, adds shine, helps retain moisture and pleasantly aromatic. Omega-3: Rich in anti-oxidant and anti-aging essential fatty acids, conditions the shaft, root, and scalp. Argan Oil: Moisturizer beyond comparison, undoes UV damage, rich in Vitamin E, helps prevent breakage and promotes smooth, supple, moisturized hair.

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