buy MOAC Argan Keratin Camellia Mask

MOAC – Hair Treatment Mask

MOAC Hair Treatment Mask

MOA ARGAN+KERATIN Hair Treatment Mask
A deep conditioning treatment that can help achieve a smooth and healthy look without added greasiness.  MOA hair mask moisturizes and repairs dry/damaged hair with Tea Tree, Argan, and Avocado Oils plus Keratin.

The MOAC blend (Melaleuca, Omega-3, Argan Oil, and Camellia oil) with Avocado Oil and Aloe, will fprosys MOA hair mask ortify, moisturize, and nourish the hair leaving it ultra soft and shiny while Keratin and Amino Acids will help repair dry-damaged hair and reduce frizz greatly.

  • Available online for purchase & for middle east & international salons sales and distribution.

For more info or purchase MOA Hair Treatment Mask, contact us.

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  1. Love this HAIR Treatment Mask I bought it from Marshall’s store. Do have to be a stylist to order off this website in order to buy it?

    1. I’m sorry, but the MOAC Treatment Mask and the Intensive MOAC Mask Treatments are only sold in the 48 contiguous states. If you know someone in these states maybe you can have him/her pick a few for you. Have a great day!

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