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Saying Goodbye to Morning Bed Head

Saying Goodbye to Morning Bed Head

I don’t know about you but nothing is more frustrating to me than washing my hair, blowing it out, and then ironing it just to wake up in the morning to the dreaded “bed head”.

At that point I know I may have to make that early morning coffee run, Skype video meeting, or Yoga class as is, despite all the work I did the day before until I have time to shower and do it all over again which takes me an hour and a half total. And I am not a morning person, so this does not help much.

One of the best things I ever did to save time and help with the morning grouchiness and bed head situation was getting a hair straightening treatment. My hair is not super curly, or just wavy, but something in between. Think 80’s heavy metal singer. So since I wanted to save time and wake up feeling beautiful I tried the straightening treatment and voilà I had the pleasure of waking up every day with my hair looking nearly perfect. I only needed a comb. I was instantly presentable for anything, even if I did not have time to wash and style my hair from scratch and when I did it only took a few minutes rather than 20! Really this was a big game changer for me. I highly recommend it to all of you who are not lucky enough to wake up with beautiful tousled hair but rather 80’s rock star hair.

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