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8 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Control Hair Static, Frizz & Flyaways


Static…frizz…flyaways…it’s all too much.

Imagine the scenario – your hair and makeup is perfect, you’re dressed in the hottest new outfit and you’re ready to head to that big party. But one last glance in the mirror confirms your worst fear – you have fallen victim to the hair monster that is static once again. Or perhaps, the arrival of winter signals more than subzero temperatures and dark nights for you, because the dryness in your hair becomes out of control. Yet why wouldn’t it? The cold, brittle air coupled with over-drying indoor heating equates to unbelievably dehydrated hair – which, for some unlucky girls, is a problem they face all day, everyday – not just when the mercury falls.

So, static hair is a common problem and one that ruins the best of all hairstyles, but, before you give up on your hair in despair, we, here at iStraight, have compiled a useful list of 8 unconventional methods to quickly control static. Yes, these actually work. You can thank us later, after you finish waving goodbye to the flyaways – for good.


Advanced Keratin by iStraight innosys
Advanced Keratin

1. iStraight Keratin 

The benefits of keratin are too astoundingly lengthy to list here (watch this space!), but the bottom line is: if you have unmanageable, untameable and generally unruly hair, keratin is a God-given gift. Instead of spending hours relentlessly straightening and blowdrying your hard-to-manage hair in a fruitless attempt to control it, surrender immediately and invest in the iStraight Keratin Treatment. The two-hour salon based process uses the iStraight Advanced Keratin Treatment alongside the Innosys Clarifying Pre-Treatment Shampoo. The results speak for themselves – 12 weeks of sleek, lustrous locks with repaired cuticles and not a single flyaway in sight? Yes, PLEASE.


Metal combs reduce static2. Ditch the Plastic

Yes, you read that right, get rid of your plastic combs and your hair will thank you for it. The laws of science dictate that plastic, a non-conductor, is a key contributor to static on hair, as opposed to a material like metal, which is a conductor. (Who said high school physics was useless?) The answer is easy, cheap and effortless – trade your clunky plastic combs for a sleeker metal-tooth comb and let the results speak for themselves.


Frizzy Hair be Gone

3. Don’t wash your hair everyday!

I know what you’re thinking – “Any excuse to throw in the old ‘Don’t wash your hair’ tip?” Well, that’s because it is a proven fact. Applying shampoo in excess can strip hair of its natural oils, leaving it as a dull, frizzy mess. So, if you are committing this most deadliest of hair sins, try to ease yourself into a new hair-washing routine by starting to shampoo every other day, gradually minimizing this to only a few times a week. If you’re having trouble getting that “clean” feeling, try washing with iStraight Clarifying Shampoo once a week to remove all excess product build-up.


iStraight System by innosys
iStraight System

4. Use heat protectant

Heat protectant is like the SPF of hair products. You wouldn’t expose your unprotected face to the scorching sun, so why let your hair suffer under 100 degree flat irons? Damaged hair is, undoubtedly, dehydrated hair too, and a lack of moisture is a possible cause for the static you get after straightening your hair. The iStraight Ceramide Serum provides the right amount of hydration and protection for your hair, working to eliminate the frizz. Of course, you can save yourself a lot of styling time by having the iStraight reaction treatment in your local salon to easily get the hair of your dreams…

Reaction Treatment by innosys
Anti-Frizz Deep Conditioning Treatment

5. iStraight Reaction Treatment

Our Reaction Treatment is a multi-step process aimed at banishing frizz, controlling static and taming flyaways once and for all by restoring lost proteins and vital oils to hair; reversing the damaging effects of bleaching, heat damage, UV over-exposure and many more ghastly sins to even the most damaged of hair types. Taking only a 45 minute salon session, this wondrous treatment nourishes hair with moisture, oils and amino acids to give you beautiful, silky smooth hair with not a single bit of frizz in sight. Did we mention it lasts up to 6 weeks? Find out more on our Reaction Treatment information page.

6. Crank up the humidifier

Humidifiers are inexpensive saviors for the common problem that is Midwestern dry air, by adding the right balance of moisture into the air to get rid of static in a subtle, non-intrusive way. After only a few days, your hair will feel more bouncy, less brittle and the static will definitely have tamed. For a more permanent solution, check out the iStraight range of hair styling treatments. The only way to fight dry, frizzy hair is with moisture…you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one sooner.


7. Find a new use for your dryer sheets

This post is called “8 surprising ways…” and number 7 on our list is one of the most innovative static-busting methods of all. A quick fix for static hair is to simply rub dryer sheets over problem areas and watch the frizz disappear. They always say prevention is better than cure, so rubbing dryer sheets on your pillowcase can also prevent further frizz if you sleep in a dry-air climate. (Note: This is not a good idea for sensitive skin!) However, this is a short-term quick fix, so for longer-lasting results try the iStraight Reaction Treatment to have perfectly healthy locks bursting with vitality.

Pure essence oil

8. Moisture-fueled hair oil

You can never go wrong with hair oil. The one product everyone needs in their hair kits, these products are formulated to combat frizz and replenish hair. Apply the iStraight Pure Essence Oil after washing or styling hair to relieve yourself of static. Our Pure Essence Oil is also applied after treatments to lock in moisture and prevent flyaway, frizz and static once and for all.

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