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5 Sleek & Smooth Thanksgiving Hair Ideas

Thanksgiving Hair Ideas
Need a bit of inspiration for your Thanksgiving season party looks? Straight, silky, smooth hair is a look that never goes out of style, and with the Advanced iStraight system Keratin treatment you can enjoy stress-free straight locks for up to 12 weeks. But, straight hair is far from boring and can be the perfect look to rock this holiday season, as our round-up of the 5 chicest sleek hairstyles proves…

Thanksgiving Straight Hairstyle

1. Middle Part

One of the most timeless, simple and elegant straight hairstyles is a silky, frizz-free middle parting. Perfect for long bangs and almost every face shape, make like Mila Kunis and opt for celebrity-worthy glamour at the Thanksgiving table this season by using a fine tailcomb to find your middle parting and straightening hair in sections with the iStraight Croc Classic Flat Iron. Finish off with a few drops of iStraight Pure Essence Oil to keep flyaway strands at bay.

Thanksgiving Sleek Ponytail

2. Slicked Back Ponytail

A fresh twist on an old classic, revamp your everyday ponytail with this quick and modern sleek look. Brush back perfectly straightened hair and pull into a high ponytail, securing carefully. Pin away any loose strands and enjoy having out-of-the-way holiday hair!

Half Up Thanksgiving Hair
Image credit – Pinterest.com

3. Half-up Hair

Ideal for those with thick hair or long bangs, brush straight hair into your desired parting and take turns to pull sections from each side and pin onto the other. The beauty of this hairstyle lies in its simplicity – only a few strands need to be pulled back and pinned in order to get that desired half-up, half-down look.

waterfall braid4. Waterfall Braid

This intricately beautiful three-stranded waterfall braid can be formed over a mane of glossy, straight hair for a show-stopping hair centerpiece. Straight hair can be workable with a braid – just remember, practice makes perfect!

One-side hair5. Over-the-shoulder 

The ultimate holiday hairstyle has to be the ever-glamorous over-the-shoulder look. Copy Gwyneth by creating a deep side parting and combing straight hair behind one ear to tumble over the opposite shoulder, and straight hair suddenly turns from ordinary to breathtaking! Just don’t forget your pair of ultra-chic earrings!


Head over to your local salon and receive the iStraight permanent hair straightening system treatment for long-lasting straight, shiny and beautiful hair. Learn more about the hair-loving treatment here.

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Happy Thanksgiving!!

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