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The Best Thing You Will Buy this Black Friday

Black FridayBlack Friday is the day all shopping fanatics anticipate all year round: all of your favorite products, discounted! But what about a few days later, when you realize half of your purchases are useless and your Black Friday was wasted?

Make Black Friday 2015 your most memorable yet by investing in something truly extraordinary…

iStraight systemThe iStraight System Thermal Reconditioning Treatment

The iStraight system is a permanent hair-straightening solution for ALL types of hair – frizzy, wavy, curly…whatever it may be, the iStraight system uses 3 different strength solutions (Max, Normal and Mild) tailored towards each type of hair.

Used in some of the world’s most professional salons, the iStraight system is the easiest way to achieve long-term results and effortless silky hair, everyday. Even better – our straightening process limits damage to the hair, meaning damage from flat irons and other hot tools will become a thing of the past.

Japanese Thermal Straightening
iStraight System

Restore the condition of highlighted, bleached and even pre-relaxed hair with our formaldehyde-free, all-natural formula.

After a consultation and analysis at your local iStraight salon, the treatment will be applied and the permanent straightening process will begin.

What is Thermal Reconditioning?

The iStraight system uses the core process of thermal reconditioning hair as a method of permanently straightening it. The iStraight thermal reconditioning treatment uses organic oils to prevent frying out hair and instead gently irons out kinks and waves for an all-straight look. Thermal reconditioning literally transforms the hair structure into effortlessly straight and frizz-free, making it the ultimate wash-and-go style.

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