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SOS Silk Smoothing

SOS Silk Smoothing 

S.O.S. (Silk Organic Smoothing) treatment is for removing Frizz, restoring hair health, designed from the ground up for extra damaged hair or as an alternative to the iStraight keratin or other Brazilian keratin therapy treatments out there. SOS is mainly for clients & stylists who desire beautiful smoothing effect, less frizz, but don’t want to be subjected to any formaldehyde – as SOS Silk Smoothing is formaldehyde-free and contains many natural items to help rebuild clients hair and strengths its health and texture.  Unlike the iStraight System, SOS Silk smoothing,  isn’t permanent, so the smoothing effect go away in 5-6 months.  SOS is also for clients who are yearning for a thermal strengthening treatment to make their damaged or bleached/highlighted hair more manageable – that will last almost as twice as longer than any keratin.innosys-SOS-Silk-Smoothing-loosen-curls-remove-frizz-for-damagaged-hair

SOS can be used on keratin treated hair as well; Keep in mind that if the hair is on the healthier side, the hair will not fully straighten.  If the hair is colored, highlighted, or bleached, the results will be straighter just like the keratin treatments.
SOS is an amino-acid based system that actually changes the structure of the hair using cysteine. it does not temporarily coat the outer cuticles like the typical Brazilian keratin treatments. SOS aids in fortifying weak dull hair by bonding cysteine and silk to the hair.


Also, added smoothness, don’t forget to pick up the SOS Silk Smoothing Shampoo and conditioner.


For more info check the innosys SOS Silk Smoothing demo tutorial designed for hair salon managers & hair stylists.


Hair Stylists & Hair Salon Managers:

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