B3 Reaction Treatment by innosys
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Reaction Treatment B3 – Advantages and Explanation

What is the Reaction Treatment B3?

The Reaction Treatment B3 is used during the iSraight System straightening process as a protectant and as a conditioner rinse.
Using the B3 Reaction Treatment is highly recommended during the iStraight System service for the following reasons:

B3 Reaction Treatment by innosys
innosys B3 Reaction Treatment iStraight System post-care
  1. Innosys B3 Reaction Treatment protects highly porous areas of the hair such as highlighted, bleached, or damaged ends. Therefore, B3 should be applied lightly – if the application is too thick, the relaxer won’t penetrate.
  2. As a conditioner rinse, B3 is applied after neutralization for 2-3 minutes and then rinsed off. This will aid in closing the cuticles and locking the permanent straightening.  To see video tutorial demo of how the Reaction Treatment.
    ** B3 is recommended for all hair types, especially those that have gone through any chemical processes. It is available in two sizes – Professional and Retail.

If you want to learn more about the iStraight Japanese Perm Hair Treatment, read about it on our product pages.

Hair Stylists:

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  1. Hi,

    I have innosys reaction treatment B-3.
    I bought this item from hair salon and the owner said that I can just use it as a hair essence, so I don’t have to rinse it off with water.
    Is it ok if I don’t rinse off with water? Thank you

    1. Hi there. Its recommended that you should rinse the Reaction B3 after 5 minutes or leave it-in for up to a couple of hours, if you like and for maximum result, then rinse it.

      1. Hi there; you are supposed to rinse the B3 after 5 minutes. If you like, you can leave in it for longer, up to 3 hours, but its recommended after that you rinse the hair.

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