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Why Your Hair Salon Needs The iStraight System..

iStraight System by innosys
iStraight System

Why hair salons are adding the iStraight System to their services and you should too: The Truth

In-salon hair straightening treatments have dramatically increased in popularity, for a variety of reasons. Cities such as Miami, New York, Chicago, Phoenix,  Las Vegas and Los Angeles have especially embraced this revolutionary treatment of styling that leaves satisfied clients with straight, shiny and healthy-looking hair. If you have ever considered going straight, here are some reasons why you should take the plunge today.

innosys i-straight system after photoVariety of Hair Styling Options
Buns, pony tails, fishtail braids, and many more fashionable hair styles are exclusively available for those with straightened hair. By using the advanced technology offered by the iStraight System (ie, Japanese Hair Straightening or Japanese Perm) for in-salon hair-straightening treatment., you can easily have long-term straight results, saving yourself the time, money and effort required by daily straightening. With three different solution strengths (Max, Normal, and Mild), this treatment will turn any hair type into easy-to-style strands.

Cutest Cuts Made Possible
When it’s time to cut your kinky hair, you know it’s all about taming frizz. Why not give yourself the freedom to try out trendy hair cuts with the help of shiny and sleek tresses? The iStraight System also offers a unique treatment for unmanageable, kinky hair called SOS Silk Smoothing. This in-salon treatment will loosen natural curls and remove frustrating frizz.

Healthier Looking Locks
Straight hair is the best texture for showing off healthy locks. By using the iStraight System’s Reaction Treatment, your hair will achieve a shiny, rejuvenated look with the help of deep conditioning.

iStraight Keratin (Advanced Keratin) by innosys
iStraight Keratin

Ease of Care

Washing, drying, coloring, brushing, and heat styling can be time-consuming and damaging. Another helpful product that can help rejuvenate and tame tired locks is the Advanced Keratin in-salon treatment by iStraight. This non-relaxing treatment can dramatically nourish and repair damaged cuticles which can make taking care of your hair easier than ever. With a variety of popular and effective in-salon hair styling treatments offered by the iStraight System, it’s easy to obtain the straight desirable hair styles you’ve always wanted.  For more info, watch the iStraight System before/after video demo and be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel.

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