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Applying the iStraight System – The Process

Find Out What Happens When Applying the iStraight SystemiStraight process


To start, the iStraight Solution (Permanent Thermal Reconditioning & Rebonding), are cream-based permanent treatments used for easier application and to prevent the relaxer from easily dripping down to the scalp – and the solution touching the scalp is the number one reason for hair breakage in any chemical relaxing. The closest distance that the solution should be applied is 1/4 inch away from the scalp or 1/2 inch away if the client desires a little more volume.

The solution, when applied, penetrates between the cuticles and spreads by capillary action. Therefore, applying the relaxer closer than 1/4″ away may result in the chemical penetrating into the follicles, which can result in 90 degree bend and cause heavy breakage. As long as this precaution is taken, the iStraight System can safely and easily straighten all hair types.

For more info, watch the iStraight System video demos designed for hair stylists & salon managers and see techniques for applying the iStraight System and other straightening Treatments.

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i-Straight System



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