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Why to opt for the iStraight System in your salon

innosys iStraight System

Why Your Salon Needs the iStraight System Today

Being salon managers and hair stylists, it is always a constant worry to cater to the needs of each and every individual client that walks into the salon through the door and demands a complete transformation. How do you give them long-lasting, pleasing results, whilst limiting damage? There are so many red ombre hair types, scalp conditions, various hair damage situations and a whole host of other issues that the hair stylists have to cater to and it becomes almost impossible to choose a single set of products that  fulfils all these matters swiftly and in the best of way possible. That is, of course, where the iStraight system by innosys steps in.

When you formally decide to go through the massive change of altering the basic structure and texture of your hair, there are a number of ways in which this can be achieved both temporarily and permanently. Both of these methods do impose certain damage to the hair and women have been seen complaining about their hair health just couple of weeks later. There are, though, a number of easy home remedies that can be opted for to straighten hair naturally and temporarily, which are as follows:

Straightening HairUSING A HOT IRON:

One temporary way to get yourself gorgeous, shiny and silky looking straight hair in a flash is by ironing strands using a flat iron (also known as a straightening iron). The straightening iron is just like any other iron that has a set of hot plates that are used to clasp the hair in between and run through them to straighten them after applying heat. What is the major problem of this method? Well, it is simply that direct heat is being applied to the hair follicles that not only damages them but also weakens them causing premature and often excessive breakage.


The other method that the salon workers use and is considered to go for a long term is achieved through chemical straightening. There are, however, a million different casualties that appear on the head and with the hair after using methods like relaxing, or rebonding. Most chemicals are often found to have a reactive relationship with the scalp that causes immense breakage and premature graying, at the worst of times. Most women, do however, still prefer having one of these methods as opposed to temporary straightening, proving that the desire for permanent straightening is very in-demand indeed.

permanent straightening shampooSALONS PREFERRING iSTRAIGHT SYSTEM:

The iStraight System has become an immediate success with salon managers for its chemical reliability and ease of use. Many chemical products do not take much time to display the damage that they are soon to bring but with iStraight System and the iStraight Keratin, both clients and stylists can rest carefree during application, knowing that the results will be lustrous and damage-free locks. The Keratin solutions are experienced to dodge any harmful fumes that are part and parcel of the ironing process. This is because the innosys iStraight Keratin is designed and composed of a list of quality assured natural products. The solutions for the iStraight System that are used for achieving rebonding and conditioning are designed on the lines of cream based thickness and hence prevent any kind of dripping or leakage to the scalp. Even after an application of ½ inch from the scalp the solution passes through to the rest of the hair follicle based on the capillary action. This makes the chemical solution application a lot easier and reliable, as it is known to cause no damage to the scalp or the hair follicles.

So if you were thinking twice before your order your package, it is time that you shouldn’t be. Use the iStraight system to have permanently straight, smooth and silky hair without the damage of typical chemical treatments.

Hair Stylists & Hair Salon Managers:

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  1. We have been using the iStraight System for years in our salon and its proven to be the is the best Japanese straightening system out there. Very conditioning and results is silk-like hair that’s healthy and beautiful. Thank you istraight and thank you innosys.

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