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All About iStraight Keratin

Everything You Need to Know About iStraight Keratin

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One of the strongest benefits to iStraight Keratin, an innovative product by innosys, when compared to other Keratin products, is that iStraight Keratin  exposes significantly less fumes during the ironing process. That’s achieved by adding high-grade and natural extracts plants into the ingredients. In doing so, we are able to control the irritating fumes while still achieving long-lasting remarkable results. So, by using the iStraight Keratin process, your clients will receive all of the usual benefits of keratin treatment – longevity, repair and nourishment – but without the damage. Genius!

Hair Stylists & Hair Salon Managers: 

Hair stylists, order your iStraight Keratin (Advanced Keratin) and see more satisfied clients with a beautiful silky-like hair.


[tweetthis]A strongest benefit of iStraight Keratin is the significantly less fumes exposed during the flat-ironing.[/tweetthis]

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    1. Hello,
      Yes, you can – if the client is in good health and has no known/severe allergies in the past to the thermal permanent treatment (iStraight System), she can get the service done.
      One caveat is hair may not take a little, as it would if the client wasn’t pregnant, and that’s because of the hormonal changes.
      ** When in doubt, please have the client check with her doctor. Thank you

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