Professional Straightening Lines

iStraight System starter Kit by innosys IBS Beauty


iStraight System, one of the safest and most effective systems for straightening since 1998, iStraight System is a permanent hair straightening (Thermal Reconditioning & Rebonding) system that…

iStraight keratin Conditioner, Shampoo, Keratin plus Clarifying shampoo


iKeratin (aka iStraight Keratin), a revolutionary hair smoothing system that will transform damaged, unmanageable, and frizzy hair into silky, smooth, and beautiful hair for up to 12 weeks. Simple and effective…

Reaction Treatment by innosys


Reaction Treatment, a multi-step, deep conditioning, frizz-taming, professional hair treatment that repairs and restores the 3 key components of the hair: Moisture, Oil, and Proteins. All 3 components…

iStraight System & Keratin Smoothing