Illumicide Disinfection case
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Illumicide Surface Disinfection for Makeup Brushes & Salon Tools

SterileLight’s MUST-HAVE device for ANY Beauty-Related Business



A variety of skin issues caused by harmful bacteria can occur with shared items such as makeup brushes and makeup, tweezers, eyelash extensions, non-wrapped disposable applicators, etc. in hectic settings where there is not sufficient time to properly clean and disinfect these items.

SterileLight has now addressed this concern with its innovative new device, SterileLight’s Illumicide Disinfecting Storage Case.

It uses the power of germicidal, mercury-free light to disinfect all of your beauty-related items. It even DRIES your MAKEUP BRUSHES!

Use it for your:

  • Makeup Brushes and Makeup Sponges.
  • Makeup Palette, Pencils, and Lipstick.
  • Hairbrushes and Combs.
  • Hair Clippers, Razors, and Scissors.
  • Lash Extension and Tweezers.

3-Minute WOW! 6-Minute POW!

Effective disinfection is achieved with just a 3-minute cycle. If you have a little extra time available, run the quick disinfect a 2nd time for even stronger disinfection.

llumicide - UVC Disinfectant for Beauty Salon and Makeup Artists.











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